PKR has a state of the art manufacturing facility which adheres to global best practices in saftty and quality standards.

There is a conscious effort taken in achieving and maintaining quality to ensure product performance and customer satisfaction, this commitment being backed by the infusion of technology in the entire product design. development and manufacturing process.

Be it the robust sourcing policy of industry specific 55 304 grade steel. or the usage of modem equipment like the CNC TRUMPF machines for better finish. optimum equipment lift cycle and reduced manual interference. the cutting edge technology used in the design. fabrication and manufacturing precesses ensure a superior quality product guaranteed to render efficient performance and longer life.

PKR Equipment is located on its company owned 15000 sf! Industrial facility In Ambattur.

The 9000 sf! shop floor houses various state of the art equipment across sections performing punching. shearing. bending and fabrication based on the customized designs drafted on our Solidworks software. The plant and its operations are manned by our trained and experienced workforce of over 32 skilled emplovees tuned to the swift execution of orders, quality being the FOCUS.